This app sends Bruce Lee stickers, gifs, random fun facts and wise sayings (not unique, just random)

Usage: /brcl param

Write /brcl help to see what kind of params you can use.

More fun will come! I am frequently updating with the new commands and fun, keep watching via help.

Privacy Policy

This app doesn't store any kind of information other than requests and installation info to run. I need to know the request so I can give the response (fun fact, sticker, etc.) and I would like to count how many installations have been made. This app is totally GDPR compliant for European users. Brcl Slack App data and application code has been stored in Europe. There is no way for me to identify who you are and where you are coming from (city, country). I also don't track your IP. I created this app for fun and it exists just for fun, nothing more, nothing less. As this is slash command app for Slack, Brcl needs slash-command-scope-right to be installed. If you would like to remove yourself totally after uninstallation, please fill the contact form at the end of the page and select "what is your difficulty?" as "Right to be forgotten". You need to give me your Slack ID because I am not storing any other info about you. If you don't know your Slack ID, please check here to find out.


Easy! Just click the button and you will be redirected to official Slack authentication page:


Your questions will be answered in 48 to 72 hours in Berlin time.

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